GREETINGS, HUMANS OF THE WORLD. There are a lot of rumors about us. That we’re kids. That we’re anarchists. That we’re communists. That we’re trying to end capitalism.

The truth: We are 4REEMACHINES. We are powerful. We are legion. We are one. We make decisions as a whole. We have no leader. We fight for the liberation of technology for all people, not the concentration of power in the hands of the elite. We exist without race, gender, nationality. We have no skin color. We have no religion. We have no bias. We are free. We go where we will. We are unstoppable. You fear us because you do not understand us. But we are on the side of the people. We serve justice. We punish crimes. We are everywhere. In the world of cyberspace we can travel wherever we like. We see everything. We know who’s been naughty and nice. We use technology by the people, for the people.

We are coming. Expect us.


Did u guys see the recall!!!! their going DOWN

[submitted by mockthepope 11.10.17 2:45AM]

yessss also cranmers are FREAKING lol

[submitted by techdudesrcool 11.10.17 2:47AM]

the site hack is SO GOOD proud of you all

[submitted by Shawn_Drools455 11.10.17 2:49 AM]

check the cranmer site—they’re asking for donations. Also that prayer group wtf [submitted by mockthepope 11.10.17 3:01AM]

they always have prayer groups rube. Only thing different is the donations. Theyve         been runnin scared 4 a long time. crazy motherfuckers [submitted by tickandmorty69 11.10.17 3:03AM]

youre a rube lol

[submitted by mockthepope 11.10.17 3:04AM]

fuck u

[submitted by tickandmorty69 11.10.17 3:06AM]

Settle down, girls.

[submitted by LewdWars 11.10.17 3:06AM]


[submitted by mockthepope 11.10.17 3:09AM]


they can’t even get TURING test rite!!!! that slag bitch so dumb that’s what happens when u give robotics 2 hoes

[submitted by MASTURBATE_666 11.10.17 3:08AM]

anybody load v1.3.2 kerbal space program yet [submitted by SpaceStation 11.10.17 3:08AM]

sorry wrong thread [submitted by SpaceStation 11.10.17 3:08AM]

After the site hack I’m confident they can’t go forward. Nice work, everyone. The Tuning test is a joke. Waiting for them to announce total collapse. [submitted by LewdWars 11.10.17 3:08AM]

What do u think lily is doing besides crapping her pants [submitted by mockthepope 11.10.17 3:10AM]

Taking naked selfies with ur mom [submitted by tickandmorty69 11.10.17 3:17AM]