$1 million reward offered to the first to hack Tom


Free people of the world, 4reemachines offers a reward of ONE MILLION DOLLARS USD to the first affiliate agent who successfully hacks TOM FREEMAN, husband of Braintune’s Dr. Jekyll, Lily Miller. Proof of successful hack will constitute Tom unit behaving in manner not correspondent with its stated purpose. IN 4REEDOM WE TRUST, 10/29/17

The board has agreed to that Tom was successfully hacked by Ada Mal. However, on the basis of Freeman’s behavior subsequent to the death of Lily Miller, we can only assume that Mal did not free Tom Freeman. He is now under her control. We’ve converted the bounty to bitcoin and ported it to an offshore account.


Yo, my bros. Have you seen this. wtf.

She’s a fucking traitor. Hot though.
[submitted by friendzone4lyfe 11.20.17]

Ada Mal is the bomb man
[submitted by yermom 11.15.17]

whats the husbands deal he looks like a bot
[submitted by mockthepope 10.17.17 11:47PM]

I think he’s just boring af
[submitted by dong_ofthedead 10.30.17 12:01AM]

She totally controls him via the remote app you can see the pleading in his eyes
[submitted by mockthepope 10.17.17 12:15AM]

[submitted by dong_ofthedead 10.21.17 12:17AM]

shes a fraud my brother went to school w her. slept w 1.000 guys like all her Profs. to get good grades
[submitted by MASTURBATE_666 10.22.17 1:14PM]

She’s not a fraud. The tech is legit. But it’s hackable.
[submitted by LewdWars 10.22.17 1:47PM]

How do u know
[submitted by mockthepope 10.23.17 2:03PM]

Because everything is hackable.
[submitted by LewdWars 10.23.17 2:15PM]

we should hack him n make him kill her
[submitted by mockthepope 10.26.17 1:48AM]

we should hack him n make him kill YOU
[submitted by tickandmorty69 10.26.17 3:03AM]

u know hes the real brains of the company. Hes behind everything. they just put her in all the pictures to be a prettey face SLAG
[submitted by MASTURBATE_666 10.27.17 4:08AM]

I heard that too
[submitted by mockthepope 10.28.17 9:47PM]

He seems to boring to be a mastermind hes like totally dead inside lol
[submitted by dong_ofthedead 10.28.17 10:15PM]

Wed be doing him a favor if we took over control from her slaggy ass
[submitted by MASTURBATE_666 10.28.17 10:23PM]

[submitted by tickandmorty69 10.29.17 1:03AM]

whoa check out his twitter it’s like a totally different dude. And he shut down his facebook page [LINK TO TOM TWITTER]
[submitted by dong_ofthedead 10.29.17 7:01 AM]

also this interview [LINK TO TOM INTERVIEW]
[submitted by dong_ofthedead 10.29.17 7:05 AM]

[submitted by dong_ofthedead 10.29.17 8:10 AM]

[submitted by MASTURBATE_666 10.31.17 5:03PM]